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Hello friends! Here you’ll find a list of each of my “Series of 9” topics from my Instagram page.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the “Series of 9” is a unique approach I’ve adopted for my Instagram posts. Each series features nine posts that explore a specific theme or topic in-depth. So far, I’ve posted 14 series, a total of 126 posts that embody my experiences, insights, and creative journey. This blog post will give you a sneak peek into each of these series.

Think of my Instagram page not just as a social media profile, but as an immersive journey through my career and creative psyche. My “Series of 9” is a continually growing chronicle, encapsulating my experiences, knowledge, and passion for design. Keep an eye out for more series to come, and join me on this exhilarating journey.

Here are the Series topics which will be updated regularly (you can follow me here).

Thanks for looking – Joe.

#14 – Finding the Story Connection

As a keynote speaker for the Shop Marketplace conference, Joe introduces the topic of finding and connecting with a brand’s true essence to design retail experiences and campaigns that resonate with customers.

#13 – Some of the posters of Joe’s Zoomcast, The Spirit of the Time

Celebrating the evolution of The Spirit of the Time Zoomcast, Joe shares text-free versions of the posters, each chronicling a unique adventure.

#12 – Joe’s holiday cards over the years:

A personal tradition comes alive as Joe shares a collection of his handcrafted holiday cards.

#11 – Hershey Halloween project

Joe chronicles his contributions to a special Halloween project with the Zeitgeist team.

#10 – Testing out AI image generator Mid-Journey

Joe embraces AI-generated art, with diverse and whimsical subject matters sparking unique creations.

#09 – Joe’s travels in Germany

Documenting a week of design inspiration in Berlin, Joe shares the vibrant architecture, art, food, and people that stirred his creative spirit.

#08 – Floaters, Swimmers, and Divers presentation

This series dissects the three levels of guests or users Joe considers when designing experiences: Floaters, Swimmers, and Divers.

#07 – Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin

Commemorating the anniversary of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin, Joe shares insights on the attraction’s uniqueness.

#06 – Winter Summerland mini golf

Delving into the creation of one of the most successful mini-golf projects in the world, Joe introduces us to his metaverse gallery.

#05 – Imagineering from a Kid’s Point of View:

Extracts from the book, The Imagineering Way, underline Joe’s enduring commitment to viewing the world through a child’s lens.

#04 – Tokyo Disneyland

Joe reflects on his significant contribution to Tokyo DisneySea and his learnings from the Japanese business culture.x

#03 – Joe’s sketches from his travels

This series displays Joe’s traveling sketches, primarily done with his favored Pental Japanese brush pen.

#02 – Muppet Movie Ride & Disney World 50th Birthday:

Celebrating the “Memories that last a lifetime” theme, Joe shares his nostalgic memories from Disney World.

#01 – Introduction to my new personal Brand and some tips:

Inaugurating his Instagram journey, Joe shares his new brand, provides UX and color palette tips, gives insights into his creative process, and sprinkles some humor for good measure.

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