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Updated 5/1/23. Throughout the years I’ve had numerous interviews and stories written about me and have also starred in a number of podcasts and videos – here’s a growing list of some of the best ones. This list will be updated periodically. If you’d like to be added to the list, please let me know. Also if you’re interested in having me as a guest on your podcast or blog, please contact me through the contact form in the footer of this website and let me know the details just know that I’m very selective on the interviews I do now so please be original or from a reputable source.


  • 2023 Shop! MarketPlace – Austin, TX.  I was delighted to give the opening keynote where I talked about, “Finding the Story Connection” and the importance of finding the human connection through story.  You can visit my Instagram page where I posted a “Series of 9” with details of my presentation.
  • World Usability Congress, “UX Experience Knight” – I was Knighted! Every year, the World Usability Congress board honors outstanding UX Professionals with the title: UX Experience Knight and I was honored to be one of them.
  • SXSW 2022, “Meta What?!” – Video: Official SXSW panel from the Spatial Holodeck, Austin TX.  Incredible innovation is brewing for the future of real-world entertainment. Learn how industry pioneers are tapping into next-generation multi-sensory sound, visuals, and thematic design to set new standards in live experiences, storytelling, and engagement. Featuring: Mike Weinberg (Moderator, CEO, Nightscape), Ali Rubinstein (Chief Creative Officer, Meow Wolf),  Justin Toone (Vice President – Global Business Development, TAIT) and myself.
  • The Creativity Conference Keynote – Video: Here I talk with Maxim Jago to kick off the Creativity Conference.  I also introduce some of my talk on Imagineering from a Kid’s Point of View.
  • LanziserWorld, Roger Rabbit with Marcelo Vignali – a talk in the Metaverse diving behind the scenes of Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin ride.





  • About Theme Parks: April 23, 2023. Disney just released a new rollerblading robot and here I talk about what Disney’s “dynamic robots” may mean for the parks.
  • Theme Park Insider: Joe Lanzisero and the Secrets of Original Theme Park Storytelling
  • Cal Arts: Magazine article about me from my Alma Mater
  • Ageist: Joe Lanzisero, 64: The Lifelong Imagineer
  • Huffington Post: For Imagineer Joe Lanzisero, Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor Is a High Point of His Career


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