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Spirit of the Time Episodes
Updated 8/22/2023. An Exciting Zoomcast Journey Into the World of Themed Entertainment Are you ready to journey through time with us? Welcome aboard “The Spirit of the Time” – a remarkable podcast that explores the captivating history and exciting future of themed entertainment. Co-piloted by Ryan Harmon, President, and our very own Joe Lanzisero, Executive […]
Series of 9
“Series of 9”, Only on Instagram
Hello friends! Here you’ll find a list of each of my “Series of 9” topics from my Instagram page.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the “Series of 9” is a unique approach I’ve adopted for my Instagram posts. Each series features nine posts that explore a specific theme or topic in-depth. So far, I’ve […]
Updated List of Links
Updated 5/1/23. Throughout the years I’ve had numerous interviews and stories written about me and have also starred in a number of podcasts and videos – here’s a growing list of some of the best ones. This list will be updated periodically. If you’d like to be added to the list, please let me know. […]
Joe Lanzisero, Speaker Bio
Updated 12/15/23. JOE LANZISERO KEYNOTE SPEAKER, 37 years at Walt Disney (1979 – 2015); Creative Senior Vice President, Disney Imagineering Please feel free to browse my website for more info and photos. Available for keynotes, conferences and presentations worldwide. Contact me at: Beginning as an animator and working his way up to the top […]
Instagram Blog
I’m On Instagram!
I’ve finally decided to take the leap into a new social platform and set up an Instagram page! Many people ask me what my Instagram handle is and surprised to learn that I didn’t have one, but that’s all about to change… as a matter of fact, here it is… @joelanzisero (web link here: Currently, […]
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New Website & Contest!
Welcome to my brand new, shiny website! This website was one of my pandemic projects (along with learning how to play the Ibo Drum) as it was about time my old website was updated, and wow do I love how it turned out! I created the site for a few reasons. 1  As a central, […]
Zoomcast Launching April 30!
Pasadena, CA – Set your time machines for the past . . . and the future! Zeitgeist Design + Production announces the launch of “The Spirit of the Time” Zoomcast — a bespoke live peer-to-peer interactive web-based talk show with the first show set for April 30, 2021, 12 noon to 1 p.m. PDT with […]

If you’re going to drive design at theme parks, you might consider yourself blessed to have had that experience at Disney Imagineering. I do.


Pro Tip: Trust the process.

Mystic Manor collage in Disney Hong Kong 01/11 Mermaid Lagoon collage of concept drawings and photos at Tokyo DisneySea 02/11 Toy Story collage of rides, Disney Hong Kong 03/11 Splash Mountain Tokyo Disney, collage of concept drawings and photos 04/11 The Arabian Coast at Tokyo DisneySea, a collage of concept drawings and photos 05/11 Mickey's Toontown, collage of concept artwork and photos 06/11 The Muppets Move Ride concept artwork for the Jim Henson company by Joe Lanzisero 07/11 Ketchakiddee Creek concept artwork and photo collage by Joe Lanzisero 08/11 Hettema Group concept drawings by Joe Lanzisero 09/11 Zeitgeist USA concept artwork for Chimelong by Joe Lanzisero 10/11 Concept Sketche and artwork for the Hettema Group by Joe Lanzisero 11/11