Spirit of the Time Episodes

Updated 8/22/2023. An Exciting Zoomcast Journey Into the World of Themed Entertainment Are you ready to journey through time with us? Welcome aboard “The Spirit of the Time” – a remarkable podcast that explores the captivating history and exciting future of themed entertainment. Co-piloted by Ryan Harmon, President, and our […]

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“Series of 9”, Only on Instagram

Hello friends! Here you’ll find a list of each of my “Series of 9” topics from my Instagram page.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the “Series of 9” is a unique approach I’ve adopted for my Instagram posts. Each series features nine posts that explore a specific theme or […]

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Updated List of Links

Updated 5/1/23. Throughout the years I’ve had numerous interviews and stories written about me and have also starred in a number of podcasts and videos – here’s a growing list of some of the best ones. This list will be updated periodically. If you’d like to be added to the […]

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I’m On Instagram!

I’ve finally decided to take the leap into a new social platform and set up an Instagram page! Many people ask me what my Instagram handle is and surprised to learn that I didn’t have one, but that’s all about to change… as a matter of fact, here it is… […]

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